Text 5 Apr Exodus

Gazing through a distance, as I pass through a trance.

I remember those chains, heavy shackles of the past.

Hundreds of hindrances, thousands of obstacles.

There was no freedom.

Like a bird caged for life, I was doomed for eternity.

Lo and behold! There it was!

The thing I was longing for.

The light for my blinded sight. The key for my sealed labyrinth.

My last hope.

It came to me, like a bolt of lightning.

At once, all was gone.

The pain, the miseries, the burdens. Everything was gone.

Gone, as if they were never there.

At once, I took my chance.

A chance for change. Reform. Transfiguration. Metanoia.

And there was I, standing at the edge of a rainbow.

Clothed in the light and warmth of day.

With wings a white as the clouds; as smooth as fine silk.

To this day, I do not regret a single thing.

For the light came and freed me from oppression.

And I seized the moment as it passed me by.

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